Pistol Cleaning Techniques - Semi-automatics

by Josh Grosseman (jagst18+@pitt.edu)


1) Disassemble the gun

2) Drip some bore solvent into the barrel and swish it around

3) Wet a phosphor bronze bore brush with bore solvent

4) Brush out the bore with 20 strokes of the brush, make sure to push the brush all the way out of the bore before reversing direction, and make sure the cleaning rod doesn't touch the bore.

5) Wet a patch with bore solvent and using a jag force the patch through the bore from the breech end, if possible (should come out cruddy)

6) Turn the patch over (clean side to the bore) and force it through again

7) Stack 2 patches, wet them with solvent and force both patches through the bore (this should be a very tight fit)

8) Keep flipping the patches around so that a clean side is touching the bore (sould be able to use a pair of patches 4 times)

9) Keep doing steps 7 & 8 until the patches come out clean. When the patches do come out clean, set the barrel aside.

10) Pick your cleanest patches from the pile that have gone through the barrel, wet one with solvent and wipe out the entire internal area of the frame and slide. (this is easier with the grips removed, well you can't remove them from a Glock)

11) Get an old toothbrush, put some solvent on it and scub out the area that were hard to get to with the patch (be sure to get the area under the extractor)

12) Using a patch wet with solvent, wipe down the recoil spring and guide rod.

13) Standing in a well ventilated area (outside) over a garbage can, flush out the entire gun (slide, frame, barrel, recoil spring and guide rod) with an aerosol type degreaser (Gun Scubber, brake cleaner, etc).

NOTE: Don't forget to do the bore

14) The aerosol type degreaser will cut any oil and grease, and flush away any residue, powerful stuff...it will dry fast, but wipe away any excess and try to keep it away from the paint on your sights.

15) Spread all the parts out and spray them down with a liberal amount of some dry carrier lube (Hornady One Shot for example). NOTE: Don't forget the bore. Let the stuff dry.

16) If you have some slide grease (try Shooters Choice, strange red stuff in a syringe type container), put a small amount on the slide rails and grooves. NOTE: DO NOT USE GREASE ON GLOCK SLIDE RAILS!

17) Reassemble the gun, wipe off the excess dry carrier lube, put the grips back on.

18) Now disassemble your magazine, wipe all the parts off with a patch wet with solvent, spray the parts down with the aerosol cleaner, wipe it off, spray the parts down with the dry carrier lube, let it dry. Reassemble.

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