Majors Gun Club Membership Information

Annual Membership Cost:

Membership is limited to the following personnel:

Current Employees: $15.00 *

Company Retirees: $15.00 *

Guest Tenents as defined by the E-Club: $15.00 *

Legal Dependents of employees or retirees: $15.00 **

* Dues shown are for those who are also members of the E-Club. Although  membership in the
E-Club is not mandatory, you are encouraged to join.  If you are not a member of the
E-Club your gun club dues will be $36 per year. E-Club membership is $21.00 per year.

** Legal dependant as defined by the IRS is a person being eligible
to be claimed by you as a dependent for federal income tax purposes.
In order for a legal dependent to join, the provider must also be a member
of the gun club

All gun club memberships will be good for one year.

How to join:

Gun Club memberships can be obtained at any Gun Club function,
e.g., monthly meetings, shooting matches, etc. or by contacting one
of the club officers. Applications are also available by clicking here.

Contact the club Secretary  for all membership matters.

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