License To Carry A Handgun (LTC) CLASSES

Majors Gun Club provides one-stop-shopping :
Classroom Training and Shooting Qualification -
all accomplished on-site during the half-day training session.

Please be aware the TOTAL cost to you  for an LTC could be as high as $240.

For detailed information on the fees and training

download the forms below by right clicking and saving to your computer:

Class information packet

Student application form

Classes will normally be held on the second Saturday of  each month.



Not less than 4 hours of professional classroom instruction,  
plus range time, 1 year membership in Majors Gun Club*, study material
and copy of Texas Handgun Law.

Renewal LTC

Class time and range time is no longer needed.  All renewals are done online only.

Items to bring to Class:

Yourself and something to take notes. DO NOT BRING GUNS TO THE CLASSROOM

Items to bring to range:

Unloaded weapon (revolver or semi-auto, .32 caliber or greater), and unloaded magazines,
50 rounds of FMJ factory ammunition (no reloads, no hollow-point), eye protection,
ear protection.


Training for more information or to sign up.

Deposit Required:

Paid at the beginnimg of the class.  

* (for company employees and spouses or retirees and spouses, only if not already a member)

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